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 Statue of Liberty/Stars and Stripes ( 35mm nikon camera, kodachrome asa 64 film)

F train to Manhattan from Brooklyn, sunset, NYC, 1988

Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

ETV exterior, Design by: JBHM, Ms.

 World Trade Center and Stars and Stripes
 War Memorial, Jackson, Ms.

APMM-Automotive Auto Parts Manufacturing of Mississippi-Tupelo, Ms.

 Hunter Henry, Ms. State University, design by: Foil/Wyatt

George Washington Bridge, NYC

Sillers Bldg. interior, Jackson, Ms.

 World Trade Center, Lower Manhattan from atop the Empire State Building, 1990
  John Finley walk, upper east side, Manhattan, NY
 Manhattan Bridge @sunset, 1989
 Old Courthouse Museum, Jackson, Ms.
 Blair Batson Dental Office, Jackson, Ms.

World Trade/Financial Center Street lights-NYC-1988

(nikon 35mm, provia asa 50 film)

 Hummer, Flowood, Ms.

Brooklyn Bridge Walkway, NYC

 UMC South, design by: Dean and Dean

Ms. State Capitol at sunrise, Jackson, Ms.

 PERS, Jackson, Ms.  Design by: CDFL
 Cain Hall, HCC, Ms.

Miskelly Furniture, Pearl, Ms.

 Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn, 1988

 Ridgeland Elementary, Ridgeland, Ms.

APMM, Tupelo, Ms.

 Baptist Cardiovascular, Jackson, Ms. 
Renaissance Clock Tower, Ridgeland, Ms.

Design by: Dean and Dean

Alcorn State University Library 
Bank of Indianola, Ms.  
Periodontal Associates, Jackson, Ms.

Ms. State Athletic Administration Bldg.

Fishing at the Reservoir, Ridgeland, Ms.

 Union Station Platform-Renovation by: Dale Partners (toyo 4x5, provia 100asa film)

 Verrazano Bridge-NYC-1986 (nikon 35mm camera, provia 100asa film)

Gertrude Castellow Ford Center: design by: Dale and Associates/Eley and Associates Architects. (toyo 4x5, provia 100 asa film)

Midtown Manhattan from New Jersey
Hunter Henry Interior, Ms. State UNIVERSITY
 Hunter Henry, Ms. State, Design by: Foil/Wyatt
 Clyde Muse Center, Design by: Dean and Dean
Adult Tower, UMMC, Jackson, Ms.

Design by: Dean and Dean

Brooklyn Bridge Walkway, Sunrise, NYC

nikon 35mm and provia film, 1988

World Financial Center, NYC, 1988

 Cain Hall Interior-Design by: JBHM-Toyo 4x5, provia 100 asa film

 Empire State/Chrysler buildings juxtaposed-NYC-1985 (nikon 35mm camera, provia asa 100 film)

Renaissance Clock Tower, Ridgeland, Ms.

Design by: Dean and Dean

APMM, Tupelo, Ms.

 Morrison Heights Baptist Church-Design by: Dean and Dean Architects (toyo 4x5, provia 100 asa film)

 Empire State Building, NYC-1987-Nikon 35mm and Fugichrome 100 asa film

Brooklyn Bridge walkway, NYC
 Cain Cochran Hall-HCC, Ms.
 UMC South, Design by: Dean and Dean

Mirror Lake Plaza, Flowood, Ms.

 Wisner Hospital, Jackson, Ms.
 Renaissance Fountain, Ridgeland, Ms. Design by: Dean and Dean

Yates Chapel at Ole Miss-Design by: Dale and associates.

 World Trade Center and moon

 Nikon F3, 400mm Nikon lense and provia asa100 film

 The Telecom center  , Jackson, Ms. Design by: Dale Partners

 4x5 toyo camera, 20mm Schneider lense and provia asa100 film

Morrison Heights Baptist Church, Clinton, Ms. 

 Statue of Liberty-WTC-juxtaposed-1987
 The Chrysler Building, NYC, 1989
 Swalm Hall, Ms. State University
 Lower Manhattan and FDR Drive, NYC, 1986
 Pearl High School, Pearl, Ms.